About Nneka & Co.

What's in a Name?

The ‘Co’ in our name is a reflection of our approach to the business of Consulting. Co stands for network of Consultants, who treat each other and our clients as respected Colleagues, because we are all part of a global Community. As Collaborators dedicated to supporting you and your Constituents, in Complimentary, Cooperative, and Consistent ways, we support you in creating, Coordinating and embedding a Corporate culture that integrates EDI into your organisation’s foundation.

We Engage. This is what we do.
We Collaborate. This is how we do it.
We Care. This is why we do it.
Our Focus

The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Ability

These are the core factors that our EDI services revolve around. Race, because too often minoritised colleagues are not supported in the workplace. Gender, because too often women & gender-diverse colleagues face unwarranted barriers to professional success. Ability, because too often differently abled colleagues are overlooked.

Percent of EDI Service Focus
The breakdown of what percentage of clients utilise EDI services for race, gender, and/or ability.
EDI for Race
82 %
EDI for Gender
66 %
EDI for Ability
40 %

What Our Clients Say

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